“One night I see my father crying in the yard, head in his hands: that is the truth. I make things up that I want for myself: that is the truth.”

~ Sara Borjas, Lies I Tell

We met this week to share poems about unreliable narrators.

SPOT Reading List

A list of the poems we read

I’ve added some links where I could to the poems, poets or books if you would like to explore.

Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath
Listen to Sylvia read the poem in her own voice.

Now You Need Me by Virginia Hamilton Adair
The lovely twist of the poem reminded me of a podcast called Everything is Alive – where they conduct exceptionally charming interviews with inanimate objects

Tenuous and Precarious by Stevie Smith

Lies I Tell by Sara Borjas

The Author of American Ornithology Sketches a Bird, Now Extinct by David Wagoner

The American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act by Lucie Brock-Broido
Listen to the New Yorker podcast where poet Marie Howe read this poem.

SPOT Write Prompt

Poetry reading & writing prompt for next week

Prompt/Theme: “Wild!”

When we meet again, bring along poems inspired by the theme. There is no obligation to write, but if you feel inspired, you are welcome to bring your poem to share at the next gathering.