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Covid-19 has made many in-person events difficult, but in its place, the online world has exploded with virtual gatherings. Many events that were previously location specific, have opened their doors to audiences and participants from the global community. It’s a wonderful way to feel connected during a time of physical isolation.

Featured Events

Poetry Foundation Events

Poetry Foundation Events & Workshops:

There are many wonderful upcoming online events hosted by the Poetry Foundation. Visit their website for details – I’m signed up for a bunch of January workshops, and I can’t wait!

FREE events!


More Enlightening Events

Mindful Poetry Moments by The Well

The Well’s Mindful Poetry Moments:

Jan 27, 2021, 4 – 5pm AST

Join The Well for a Mindful Poetry virtual gathering to listen, contemplate and respond to poetry selections from On Being’s Poetry Unbound Podcast season 2. Come with a pen, paper and an open heart.

A presenter reads a poem, reflects on it and offers a writing prompt. After a 12 minute writing break, those who want, may share their poems. I have attended 2 of these – lovely community! Register online for free.

OnBeing Midwinter Gathering

OnBeing’s Midwinter Gathering:

Dec 21, 2020, 6 – 7pm AST

Join Krista Tipett and Lucas Johnson in conversation about holding space for loss, learning, exhaustion, resilience, and waiting – for all that 2020 has carried.

The is event has taken place – watch the recorded session here.

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