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Sharing Library

Our Sharing Library is open to our members to borrow physical books for free. The collection is generally curated around themes of inclusion and diversity, and has been made possible through generous donations!

Let’s shine a light on indigenous writing,
On racial divides and wrongs that need righting,
Far voices, near voices, all have their worth
And voices that dare to speak for the earth.

Poems ask us questions so oft overlooked
Few poems give answers, but that’s not their hook
Poems ask their readers to challenge themselves
And that’s why we need the right books on our shelves.

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Thank you Awesome Foundation for putting poetry
in the spotlight!

January 27, 2021. Incredibly thrilled to announce that Spot of Poetry was awarded January’s Awesome Foundation $1000 give away!

It was a wonderful evening full of so many awesome ideas, and it was lovely to be a part of it. Thank you to all the trustees and all the other presenters!

With this amazing gift, we will be expanding our poetry sharing library AND organizing poetry readings and workshops with local poets! Can’t wait to start planning!

If you are not familiar with the @awesomesouthshore, check out their website!