Rooted – Poems

by Tricia Snell


ROOTED is a meditation on home and the author’s rootedness in her history, family, and geography. The chapbook begins and ends with poems examining the interwoven ferocity and generosity of Earth as our communal home. In between, ROOTED’s poems scrutinize—sometimes with sorrow, sometimes with anger, sometimes with celebration—women’s complicated ties to home and ultimately, humans’ place as only one animal among many on this blue planet.

Little Books Collective Tricia Snell Rooted Poems

Tricia Snell recently came home after a long spell away. Currently working on a novel, she has published a nonfiction book, essays, and stories. A recent story was longlisted for the 2019 CBC Short Story Prize and published in Room magazine. She teaches writing and literature from her studio in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Website: Facebook: /TriciaSnellWrites 

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Participating in The Little Books Collective has been sweet and true, like coming home late at night and seeing that someone has left the porch light on for you. I feel excited for the future of this collective!

~ Tricia Snell