Jam Jar Juvenilia – A Smattering of Sonnets

by Berdene Owen


This collection is a time-bridging collaboration between Berdene and the words spoken by her two sons during their single-digit childhood years. Using their words (preserved on scraps of paper kept in a glass jar) as jumping off points for poems, these modern sonnets often enter territory entirely unrelated to the original context.

Little Books Collective Berdene Owen Jam Jar Juvenilia Poems

Berdene Owen spent her childhood in South Africa, mostly barefoot and bilingual. Graphic designer and co-founder of Spot of Poetry, she loves dressing words up in their finest fonts. These days, she spends her children’s childhoods in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, mostly wearing socks and Blundsones, still somewhat bilingual. Website: alivelihood.me

For copies of this chapbook:
Visit Blockshop Books or contact Berdene through her website.

Being part of the Little Books Collective has been creatively energizing, and has brought into acute focus how amazing it is to be part of a community. The chapbook form is tremedously exciting and full of possibility. It was wonderful to see how differently each member approached crafting their manuscript.

~ Berdene Owen