In Essence – A Curious Grouping of Seven

by Carole Potter


In Essence is a random buffer between the leap of faith and landing. It sought to balance fear of exposing oneself with the desire to express something. It is both playful and contemplative. It was a sudden turn averting the haunting truths of life experiences driving the author’s ambition to turn trauma into wisdom, which is now taking form in the wing of future publications. It was a marvellous journey within the collective and remains a part of something bigger.

Little Books Collective Carole Porter In Essence Poems

Growing up in Nova Scotia and travelling far, Carole Potter has given herself to the art of healing and writing. She has been a practitioner of Chinese Medicine for well over a decade. Originating from the South Shore of Nova Scotia, she has ventured far and wide. Exploring Canada’s West Coast, to the upper reaches of Aklavik, NWT, before crossing the pacific puddle to Northern China. After 16 years abroad she has returned to Nova Scotia and currently lives in Bridgewater. She loves spending time with her kids when they are home from university or from some other worldly adventure. She dabbles in photography and loves live music of many genres from many corners of the globe. This is her first chapbook.

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Being a part of the little books collective was a unique and rewarding experience. It was a full immersion into my own writing process while at the same time observing the style and habits of other poets. This was a beautifully natural way to learn and grow in a supportive group of likeminded writers with a shared love of this literary art form. For me personally, this was transformative in a way that presented itself during, but also after the chapbook was completed. I ended up holding back on a more personal approach and put forth a mere stepping stone, ultimately driving my passion for the written word and deeper self discovery. I would not hesitate to partake in a future collective project as this was something very special. I have much gratitude for the organizers, supporters, facilitators, local poets and participants – it was a huge honour to be one.

~ Carole Porter