Groping in the Daylight – Poems

by Augusta Wynde, Drawings by Alice Burdick


Augusta Wynde’s Groping in the Daylight is a collection of shorter-form poems in which the wavering health of the mind is explored in its relation to love, friendship, loneliness, history, the Earth and the cosmos.

Little Books Collective Augusta Wynde Groping in the Daylight

Augusta Wynde grew up surrounded by hemlocks, horses, and hirsute hippies. As a young adult, she travelled, learned words, and fell head over heels. When it was time, she moved with her two loves to Lunenburg, where she has been seen walking in the wind ever since.

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The Little Books Collective offered me the opportunity to participate in bookmaking as a collaborative effort. It was so much fun to see the entire process through: meeting, hearing the facilitators, seeing the chapbooks that were presented as examples (and their potential!), editing my own work, getting together to revise, working with Berdene on the design, doing the proofreading. And then putting the books together and being part of a launch in which we felt supported and encouraged – and I think we made the audience feel encouraged in a way too. At least everyone seemed to feel that something really worthwhile had just taken place. That’s the feeling I came away with, in any case.

~ Augusta Wynde