Dunroamin’ Diary – Memoir of an Alternative Journey

Words & Images by Suzanne Picot


Ever wonder about other avenues you did not take in life? Or why certain decisions were made? Inklings, hunches that nudge or tug in different directions. Suzanne had a burning desire to seek out stuff yet to be imagined and was rewarded with mystical encounters and wild “coincidences”, leading the way to magical places. She reasoned that a successful alternative life would be rich in such stories to be shared, one juicy tale per decade.

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Suzanne Picot’s quirky creative nature is the main ingredient of her global roamings and her bold survival in her Yukon cabin. To give you an idea, she hand sewed a quilt with 6000 clothing labels and called it therapy. Often writing in corner cafés, she’s a dedicated journal keeper, thanks to Anne Frank. Notes to her future self. Recently returned to her Maritime roots, she lives in a little yellow cottage by the sea with her sweetie Robertson, near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

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