Awakening – A Journey Through Time

Words & Photos by Doug Merrett


A man wakes on a mysterious island, not knowing his name or how he got there. He journeys through a series of vivid memories triggered by photos, revealing his past life and his catastrophic encounter with a storm. He also discovers traces of a previous inhabitant, suffers from unsolicited life lessons and a burning desire to leave better directions to his future self.

Little Books Collective Doug Merrett Awakening

Doug Merrett grew up between a mining town in Labrador and Lunenburg county. An amateur time traveller he sends his ideas far into the future for more efficient procrastination. He currently resides, with his emotional support wife, as close to the ocean as his budget allows. Website:

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Berdene, our indefatiguable designer, bouncer of ideas and proofreader extraordinaire deserves much praise for all the work she put into this project and the others in the collective.  Catherine also devoted much time and energy to giving us the best point of departure for our work as well as Logan for her calm thoughtfulness. The Spot of Poetry “conversational poetry” group deserves praise for starting this whole project, which also served as my introduction to the dramatis personae listed above.

~ Doug Merrett