It was a real joy to meet at the beautiful Lunenburg Library to kick off this new literary adventure. We were a small but enthusiastic group and shared some wonderful poems. Some of the themes we touched on was capturing family memories, being present to everyday moments and experiences at school. Thank you to everyone who came!

SPOT Reading List

A list of the poems we read

I’ve added some links where I could to the poems, poets or books if you would like to explore further.

I Fed Her Blueberries by Elinor Gale

Childhood poems by Elinor Gale

Blowfish and Theory of Writing by Souvankham Thammavongsa, from Cluster

Veterans by George Johnston, from The Essential George Johnston

Apology and Backwards, or, Returning by Sue Goyette, from Undone

The Death of the Hat by Billy Collins, from Sailing Alone Around the Room

The Gate and What the Living Do by Marie Howe, from What the Living Do

SPOT Write Prompt

Poetry writing prompt for next week

Prompt: “School”

Our conversation often touched on our experiences at school, and so our very open-ended prompt is simply the word school. There is no obligation to write, but if you feel inspired, you are welcome to bring your poem to share at the next gathering.