“Keep cold, young orchard. Good-by and keep cold.”
~ Robert Frost

Our group gathered around the cool blue light of our screens to discuss the theme Cold. Rather than chatting about chattering teeth, Billy Collins talked about the constant chatter in our minds, and the struggle to stay fully present to a moment. Where do we go and what do we get up to when our minds wander? What cold planets do we dance on? If you met November in the grocery store – how would you recognize her? Sometimes the cold is a friend for the preservation of youth – a necessary season in our development. Sometimes we carry winter on the inside. Sometimes we can glean happiness and warmth from a picture frozen in time. Every new winter lays a fresh layer of moments and memories on the ones that came before – a bitter sweet quilt of snow.

Next time’s theme is “Magic” and will take place via Zoom Feb 15th.

SPOT Reading List

A list of the poems we read

I’ve added some links where I could to the poems, poets or books if you would like to explore.

Shovelling Snow with Buddha by Billy Collins

Snow People and Ice by Louis Jenkins from Just Above Water

Secrets of the Universe by David MacFadden

The Catcher by Rhonda Chaput (a Spot of Poetry member)

November by Annick MacAskill

Goodbye and Keep Cold by Robert Frost
Listen to it here.

An excerpt from The Big Love: Life & Death With Bill Evans by Laurie Verchomin
Listen to Suicide is Painless by Bill Evans

How Noisy They Seem by Alootook Ipellie

Frozen in Frobisher Bay by James Gordon

This Winters Night at -3 Degrees by Nancy Schandall (a Spot of Poetry member)

SPOT Write Prompt

Poetry reading & writing prompt for next week

Prompt/Theme: “Magic”

When we meet again, bring along poems inspired by the theme. There is no obligation to write, but if you feel inspired, you are welcome to bring your poem to share at the next gathering.