The beautiful selection of poems we read touched on themes of hope and the impermanence of power. We talked about the passing of time between friends and  tenderness. We were reminded of the importance of being present – even just for now – and how the combination of joga and poetry can help. Our conversation touched on words in a few ways: the quirky inconsistency of the english language; the heart-break of loosing words; and the poet’s role in the world.

We also shared some of our own writing based on last week’s prompt: Words. Thank you to everyone who shared!

SPOT Reading List

A list of the poems we read

I’ve added some links where I could to the poems, poets or books if you would like to explore further.

Cloud Anthem by Richard Blanco, from How to Love a Country

My Species by Jane Hirshfield

Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley

Our Strange Lingo by Lord Cromer

Reunion Between Planes by Virginia Hamilton Adair, from Ants on the Melon

Story by Al Purdy, from Beyond Remembering, the Collected Poems of Al Purdy

The Poet by Marina Tsventaeva

Naming by Nancy Mairs from What Have You Lost

Kindness by Naomi Shihab Nye

Just for Now by Danna Faulds, from Poetry of Presence

Fluent by John O’Donohue, from Poetry of Presence

SPOT Write Prompt

Poetry writing prompt for next week

Prompt: “Time”

We actually forgot to generate a prompt as a group, so I’m putting forward the idea of writing anything that comes to mind around the idea of time. This prompt is for writing only, the poems we bring for reading and discussing can be around any theme.